Chapter I

Certain infectious and parasitic diseases

Other diseases caused by chlamydiae

A70 Chlamydia psittaci infection
Parrot fever

A71 Trachoma
Excludes: sequelae of trachoma ( B94.0 )
A71.0 Initial stage of trachoma
Trachoma dubium
A71.1 Active stage of trachoma
Granular conjunctivitis (trachomatous)
· follicular conjunctivitis
· pannus
A71.9 Trachoma, unspecified

A74 Other diseases caused by chlamydiae
Excludes: chlamydial pneumonia ( J16.0 )
neonatal chlamydial:
· conjunctivitis ( P39.1 )
· pneumonia ( P23.1 )
sexually transmitted chlamydial diseases ( A55-A56 )
A74.0+ Chlamydial conjunctivitis ( H13.1* )
A74.8 Other chlamydial diseases
Chlamydial peritonitis+ ( K67.0* )
A74.9 Chlamydial infection, unspecified
Chlamydiosis NOS