Chapter II


Malignant neoplasms

Malignant neoplasms, stated or presumed to be primary, of specified sites, except of lymphoid, haematopoietic and related tissue

Malignant neoplasm of breast

C50 Malignant neoplasm of breast
Includes: connective tissue of breast
Excludes: skin of breast ( C43.5 , C44.5 )
C50.0 Nipple and areola
C50.1 Central portion of breast
C50.2 Upper-inner quadrant of breast
C50.3 Lower-inner quadrant of breast
C50.4 Upper-outer quadrant of breast
C50.5 Lower-outer quadrant of breast
C50.6 Axillary tail of breast
C50.8 Overlapping lesion of breast
[See note 5 at the beginning of this chapter]
C50.9 Breast, unspecified