Chapter IX

Diseases of the circulatory system

Pulmonary heart disease and diseases of pulmonary circulation

I26 Pulmonary embolism
Includes: pulmonary (artery)(vein):
· infarction
· thromboembolism
· thrombosis
Excludes: complicating:
· abortion or ectopic or molar pregnancy ( O00-O07 , O08.2 )
· pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium ( O88.- )
I26.0 Pulmonary embolism with mention of acute cor pulmonale
Acute cor pulmonale NOS
I26.9 Pulmonary embolism without mention of acute cor pulmonale
Pulmonary embolism NOS

I27 Other pulmonary heart diseases
I27.0 Primary pulmonary hypertension
I27.1 Kyphoscoliotic heart disease
I27.2 Other secondary pulmonary hypertension
Use additional code, if desired, to identify the underlying disease.
I27.8 Other specified pulmonary heart diseases
Excludes: Eisenmenger's defect ( Q21.8 )
I27.9 Pulmonary heart disease, unspecified
Chronic cardiopulmonary disease
Cor pulmonale (chronic) NOS

I28 Other diseases of pulmonary vessels
I28.0 Arteriovenous fistula of pulmonary vessels
I28.1 Aneurysm of pulmonary artery
I28.8 Other specified diseases of pulmonary vessels
of pulmonary vessel
I28.9 Disease of pulmonary vessels, unspecified