Chapter X

Diseases of the respiratory system

Suppurative and necrotic conditions of lower respiratory tract

J85 Abscess of lung and mediastinum
Gangrene and necrosis of lung
Necrotizing pneumonia
J85.1 Abscess of lung with pneumonia
Excludes: with pneumonia due to specified organism ( J09-J16 )
J85.2 Abscess of lung without pneumonia
Abscess of lung NOS
J85.3 Abscess of mediastinum

J86 Pyothorax
Includes: abscess of:
· pleura
· thorax
Use additional code (B95-B97), if desired, to identify infectious agent.
Excludes: due to tuberculosis ( A15-A16 )
J86.0 Pyothorax with fistula
J86.9 Pyothorax without fistula