Chapter XIII

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue

Soft tissue disorders

Disorders of synovium and tendon

M65 Synovitis and tenosynovitis
[See site code at the beginning of this chapter ]
Excludes: chronic crepitant synovitis of hand and wrist ( M70.0 )
current injury - see injury of ligament or tendon by body region
soft tissue disorders related to use, overuse and pressure ( M70.- )
M65.0 Abscess of tendon sheath
Use additional code (B95-B96), if desired, to identify bacterial agent.
M65.1 Other infective (teno)synovitis
M65.2 Calcific tendinitis
Excludes: of shoulder ( M75.3 )
specified tendinitis ( M75-M77 )
M65.3 Trigger finger
Nodular tendinous disease
M65.4 Radial styloid tenosynovitis [de Quervain]
M65.8 Other synovitis and tenosynovitis
M65.9 Synovitis and tenosynovitis, unspecified

M66 Spontaneous rupture of synovium and tendon
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Includes: rupture that occurs when a normal force is applied to tissues that are inferred to have less than normal strength
Excludes: rotator cuff syndrome ( M75.1 )
rupture where an abnormal force is applied to normal tissue - see injury of tendon by body region
M66.0 Rupture of popliteal cyst
M66.1 Rupture of synovium
Rupture of synovial cyst
Excludes: rupture of popliteal cyst ( M66.0 )
M66.2 Spontaneous rupture of extensor tendons
M66.3 Spontaneous rupture of flexor tendons
M66.4 Spontaneous rupture of other tendons
M66.5 Spontaneous rupture of unspecified tendon
Rupture at musculotendinous junction, nontraumatic

M67 Other disorders of synovium and tendon
Excludes: palmar fascial fibromatosis [Dupuytren] ( M72.0 )
tendinitis NOS ( M77.9 )
xanthomatosis localized to tendons ( E78.2 )
M67.0 Short Achilles tendon (acquired)
M67.1 Other contracture of tendon (sheath)
Excludes: with contracture of joint ( M24.5 )
M67.2 Synovial hypertrophy, not elsewhere classified
Excludes: villonodular synovitis (pigmented) ( M12.2 )
M67.3 Transient synovitis
Toxic synovitis
Excludes: palindromic rheumatism ( M12.3 )
M67.4 Ganglion
Ganglion of joint or tendon (sheath)
Excludes: cyst of:
· bursa
· synovium
( M71.2-M71.3 )
ganglion in yaws ( A66.6 )
M67.8 Other specified disorders of synovium and tendon
M67.9 Disorder of synovium and tendon, unspecified

M68* Disorders of synovium and tendon in diseases classified elsewhere
M68.0* Synovitis and tenosynovitis in bacterial diseases classified elsewhere
Synovitis or tenosynovitis in:
· gonorrhoea ( A54.4+ )
· syphilis ( A52.7+ )
· tuberculosis ( A18.0+ )
M68.8* Other disorders of synovium and tendon in diseases classified elsewhere