Chapter XVIII

Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings, not elsewhere classified

Abnormal findings on examination of urine, without diagnosis

Excludes: abnormal findings on antenatal screening of mother ( O28.- )
diagnostic abnormal findings classified elsewhere - see Alphabetical Index
specific findings indicating disorder of:
· amino-acid metabolism ( E70-E72 )
· carbohydrate metabolism ( E73-E74 )

R80 Isolated proteinuria
Albuminuria NOS
Bence Jones proteinuria
Proteinuria NOS
Excludes: proteinuria:
· gestational ( O12.1 )
· isolated, with specified morphological lesion ( N06.- )
· orthostatic ( N39.2 )
· persistent ( N39.1 )

R81 Glycosuria
Excludes: renal glycosuria ( E74.8 )

R82 Other abnormal findings in urine
Excludes: haematuria ( R31 )
R82.0 Chyluria
Excludes: filarial chyluria ( B74.- )
R82.1 Myoglobinuria
R82.2 Biliuria
R82.3 Haemoglobinuria
Excludes: haemoglobinuria:
· due to haemolysis from external causes NEC ( D59.6 )
· paroxysmal nocturnal [Marchiafava-Micheli] ( D59.5 )
R82.4 Acetonuria
R82.5 Elevated urine levels of drugs, medicaments and biological substances
Elevated urine levels of:
· catecholamines
· indoleacetic acid
· 17-ketosteroids
· steroids
R82.6 Abnormal urine levels of substances chiefly nonmedicinal as to source
Abnormal urine level of heavy metals
R82.7 Abnormal findings on microbiological examination of urine
Positive culture findings
R82.8 Abnormal findings on cytological and histological examination of urine
R82.9 Other and unspecified abnormal findings in urine
Cells and casts in urine