Chapter XIX

Injury, poisoning and certain other consequences of external causes

Poisoning by drugs, medicaments and biological substances

Includes: overdose of these substances
wrong substance given or taken in error
Excludes: abuse of non-dependence-producing substances ( F55 )
adverse effects ["hypersensitivity", "reaction", etc.] of correct substance properly administered; such cases are to be classified according to the nature of the adverse effect, such as:
· aspirin gastritis ( K29.- )
· blood disorders ( D50-D76 )
· dermatitis:
  · contact ( L23-L25 )
  · due to substances taken internally ( L27.- )
· nephropathy ( N14.0-N14.2 )
· unspecified adverse effect of drug ( T88.7 )
intoxication meaning inebriation ( F10-F19 )
drug reaction and poisoning affecting the fetus and newborn ( P00-P96 )
pathological drug intoxication ( F10-F19 )

T36 Poisoning by systemic antibiotics
Excludes: antibiotics:
· antineoplastic ( T45.1 )
· locally applied NEC ( T49.0 )
· topically used for:
  · ear, nose and throat ( T49.6 )
  · eye ( T49.5 )
T36.0 Penicillins
T36.1 Cefalosporins and other beta-lactam antibiotics
T36.2 Chloramphenicol group
T36.3 Macrolides
T36.4 Tetracyclines
T36.5 Aminoglycosides
T36.6 Rifamycins
T36.7 Antifungal antibiotics, systemically used
T36.8 Other systemic antibiotics
T36.9 Systemic antibiotic, unspecified

T37 Poisoning by other systemic anti-infectives and antiparasitics
Excludes: anti-infectives:
· locally applied NEC ( T49.0 )
· topically used (for):
  · ear, nose and throat ( T49.6 )
  · eye ( T49.5 )
T37.0 Sulfonamides
T37.1 Antimycobacterial drugs
Excludes: rifamycins ( T36.6 )
streptomycin ( T36.5 )
T37.2 Antimalarials and drugs acting on other blood protozoa
Excludes: hydroxyquinoline derivatives ( T37.8 )
T37.3 Other antiprotozoal drugs
T37.4 Anthelminthics
T37.5 Antiviral drugs
Excludes: amantadine ( T42.8 )
cytarabine ( T45.1 )
T37.8 Other specified systemic anti-infectives and antiparasitics
Hydroxyquinoline derivatives
Excludes: antimalarial drugs ( T37.2 )
T37.9 Systemic anti-infective and antiparasitic, unspecified

T38 Poisoning by hormones and their synthetic substitutes and antagonists, not elsewhere classified
Excludes: mineralocorticoids and their antagonists ( T50.0 )
oxytocic hormones ( T48.0 )
parathyroid hormones and derivatives ( T50.9 )
T38.0 Glucocorticoids and synthetic analogues
Excludes: glucocorticoids, topically used ( T49.- )
T38.1 Thyroid hormones and substitutes
T38.2 Antithyroid drugs
T38.3 Insulin and oral hypoglycaemic [antidiabetic] drugs
T38.4 Oral contraceptives
Multiple- and single-ingredient preparations
T38.5 Other estrogens and progestogens
Mixtures and substitutes
T38.6 Antigonadotrophins, antiestrogens, antiandrogens, not elsewhere classified
T38.7 Androgens and anabolic congeners
T38.8 Other and unspecified hormones and their synthetic substitutes
Anterior pituitary [adenohypophyseal] hormones
T38.9 Other and unspecified hormone antagonists

T39 Poisoning by nonopioid analgesics, antipyretics and antirheumatics
T39.0 Salicylates
T39.1 4-Aminophenol derivatives
T39.2 Pyrazolone derivatives
T39.3 Other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs [NSAID]
T39.4 Antirheumatics, not elsewhere classified
Excludes: glucocorticoids ( T38.0 )
salicylates ( T39.0 )
T39.8 Other nonopioid analgesics and antipyretics, not elsewhere classified
T39.9 Nonopioid analgesic, antipyretic and antirheumatic, unspecified

T40 Poisoning by narcotics and psychodysleptics [hallucinogens]
Excludes: intoxication meaning inebriation ( F10-F19 )
T40.0 Opium
T40.1 Heroin
T40.2 Other opioids
T40.3 Methadone
T40.4 Other synthetic narcotics
T40.5 Cocaine
T40.6 Other and unspecified narcotics
T40.7 Cannabis (derivatives)
T40.8 Lysergide [LSD]
T40.9 Other and unspecified psychodysleptics [hallucinogens]

T41 Poisoning by anaesthetics and therapeutic gases
Excludes: benzodiazepines ( T42.4 )
cocaine ( T40.5 )
opioids ( T40.0-T40.2 )
T41.0 Inhaled anaesthetics
Excludes: oxygen ( T41.5 )
T41.1 Intravenous anaesthetics
T41.2 Other and unspecified general anaesthetics
T41.3 Local anaesthetics
T41.4 Anaesthetic, unspecified
T41.5 Therapeutic gases
Carbon dioxide

T42 Poisoning by antiepileptic, sedative-hypnotic and antiparkinsonism drugs
Excludes: intoxication meaning inebriation ( F10-F19 )
T42.0 Hydantoin derivatives
T42.1 Iminostilbenes
T42.2 Succinimides and oxazolidinediones
T42.3 Barbiturates
Excludes: thiobarbiturates ( T41.1 )
T42.4 Benzodiazepines
T42.5 Mixed antiepileptics, not elsewhere classified
T42.6 Other antiepileptic and sedative-hypnotic drugs
Valproic acid
Excludes: carbamazepine ( T42.1 )
T42.7 Antiepileptic and sedative-hypnotic drugs, unspecified
· draught
· drug
· tablet
T42.8 Antiparkinsonism drugs and other central muscle-tone depressants

T43 Poisoning by psychotropic drugs, not elsewhere classified
Excludes: appetite depressants ( T50.5 )
barbiturates ( T42.3 )
benzodiazepines ( T42.4 )
intoxication meaning inebriation ( F10-F19 )
methaqualone ( T42.6 )
psychodysleptics [hallucinogens] ( T40.7-T40.9 )
T43.0 Tricyclic and tetracyclic antidepressants
T43.1 Monoamine-oxidase-inhibitor antidepressants
T43.2 Other and unspecified antidepressants
T43.3 Phenothiazine antipsychotics and neuroleptics
T43.4 Butyrophenone and thioxanthene neuroleptics
T43.5 Other and unspecified antipsychotics and neuroleptics
Excludes: rauwolfia ( T46.5 )
T43.6 Psychostimulants with abuse potential
Excludes: cocaine ( T40.5 )
T43.8 Other psychotropic drugs, not elsewhere classified
T43.9 Psychotropic drug, unspecified

T44 Poisoning by drugs primarily affecting the autonomic nervous system
T44.0 Anticholinesterase agents
T44.1 Other parasympathomimetics [cholinergics]
T44.2 Ganglionic blocking drugs, not elsewhere classified
T44.3 Other parasympatholytics [anticholinergics and antimuscarinics] and spasmolytics, not elsewhere classified
T44.4 Predominantly alpha-adrenoreceptor agonists, not elsewhere classified
T44.5 Predominantly beta-adrenoreceptor agonists, not elsewhere classified
Excludes: beta-adrenoreceptor agonists used in asthma therapy ( T48.6 )
T44.6 Alpha-adrenoreceptor antagonists, not elsewhere classified
Excludes: ergot alkaloids ( T48.0 )
T44.7 Beta-adrenoreceptor antagonists, not elsewhere classified
T44.8 Centrally acting and adrenergic-neuron-blocking agents, not elsewhere classified
Excludes: clonidine ( T46.5 )
guanethidine ( T46.5 )
T44.9 Other and unspecified drugs primarily affecting the autonomic nervous system
Drug stimulating both alpha- and beta-adrenoreceptors

T45 Poisoning by primarily systemic and haematological agents, not elsewhere classified
T45.0 Antiallergic and antiemetic drugs
Excludes: phenothiazine-based neuroleptics ( T43.3 )
T45.1 Antineoplastic and immunosuppressive drugs
Antineoplastic antibiotics
Excludes: tamoxifen ( T38.6 )
T45.2 Vitamins, not elsewhere classified
Excludes: nicotinic acid (derivatives) ( T46.7 )
vitamin K ( T45.7 )
T45.3 Enzymes, not elsewhere classified
T45.4 Iron and its compounds
T45.5 Anticoagulants
T45.6 Fibrinolysis-affecting drugs
T45.7 Anticoagulant antagonists, vitamin K and other coagulants
T45.8 Other primarily systemic and haematological agents
Liver preparations and other antianaemic agents
Natural blood and blood products
Plasma substitute
Excludes: immunoglobulin ( T50.9 )
iron ( T45.4 )
T45.9 Primarily systemic and haematological agent, unspecified

T46 Poisoning by agents primarily affecting the cardiovascular system
Excludes: metaraminol ( T44.4 )
T46.0 Cardiac-stimulant glycosides and drugs of similar action
T46.1 Calcium-channel blockers
T46.2 Other antidysrhythmic drugs, not elsewhere classified
Excludes: beta-adrenoreceptor antagonists ( T44.7 )
T46.3 Coronary vasodilators, not elsewhere classified
Excludes: beta-adrenoreceptor antagonists ( T44.7 )
calcium-channel blockers ( T46.1 )
T46.4 Angiotensin-converting-enzyme inhibitors
T46.5 Other antihypertensive drugs, not elsewhere classified
Excludes: beta-adrenoreceptor antagonists ( T44.7 )
calcium-channel blockers ( T46.1 )
diuretics ( T50.0-T50.2 )
T46.6 Antihyperlipidaemic and antiarteriosclerotic drugs
T46.7 Peripheral vasodilators
Nicotinic acid (derivatives)
Excludes: papaverine ( T44.3 )
T46.8 Antivaricose drugs, including sclerosing agents
T46.9 Other and unspecified agents primarily affecting the cardiovascular system

T47 Poisoning by agents primarily affecting the gastrointestinal system
T47.0 Histamine H 2 -receptor antagonists
T47.1 Other antacids and anti-gastric-secretion drugs
T47.2 Stimulant laxatives
T47.3 Saline and osmotic laxatives
T47.4 Other laxatives
Intestinal atonia drugs
T47.5 Digestants
T47.6 Antidiarrhoeal drugs
Excludes: systemic antibiotics and other anti-infectives ( T36-T37 )
T47.7 Emetics
T47.8 Other agents primarily affecting the gastrointestinal system
T47.9 Agent primarily affecting the gastrointestinal system, unspecified

T48 Poisoning by agents primarily acting on smooth and skeletal muscles and the respiratory system
T48.0 Oxytocic drugs
Excludes: estrogens, progestogens and antagonists ( T38.4-T38.6 )
T48.1 Skeletal muscle relaxants [neuromuscular blocking agents]
T48.2 Other and unspecified agents primarily acting on muscles
T48.3 Antitussives
T48.4 Expectorants
T48.5 Anti-common-cold drugs
T48.6 Antiasthmatics, not elsewhere classified
Beta-adrenoreceptor agonists used in asthma therapy
Excludes: beta-adrenoreceptor agonists not used in asthma therapy ( T44.5 )
anterior pituitary [adenohypophyseal] hormones ( T38.8 )
T48.7 Other and unspecified agents primarily acting on the respiratory system

T49 Poisoning by topical agents primarily affecting skin and mucous membrane and by ophthalmological, otorhinolaryngological and dental drugs
Includes: glucocorticoids, topically used
T49.0 Local antifungal, anti-infective and anti-inflammatory drugs, not elsewhere classified
T49.1 Antipruritics
T49.2 Local astringents and local detergents
T49.3 Emollients, demulcents and protectants
T49.4 Keratolytics, keratoplastics and other hair treatment drugs and preparations
T49.5 Ophthalmological drugs and preparations
Eye anti-infectives
T49.6 Otorhinolaryngological drugs and preparations
Ear, nose and throat anti-infectives
T49.7 Dental drugs, topically applied
T49.8 Other topical agents
T49.9 Topical agent, unspecified

T50 Poisoning by diuretics and other and unspecified drugs, medicaments and biological substances
T50.0 Mineralocorticoids and their antagonists
T50.1 Loop [high-ceiling] diuretics
T50.2 Carbonic-anhydrase inhibitors, benzothiadiazides and other diuretics
T50.3 Electrolytic, caloric and water-balance agents
Oral rehydration salts
T50.4 Drugs affecting uric acid metabolism
T50.5 Appetite depressants
T50.6 Antidotes and chelating agents, not elsewhere classified
Alcohol deterrents
T50.7 Analeptics and opioid receptor antagonists
T50.8 Diagnostic agents
T50.9 Other and unspecified drugs, medicaments and biological substances
Acidifying agents
Alkalizing agents
Lipotropic drugs
Parathyroid hormones and derivatives