Chapter XXI

Factors influencing health status and contact with health services

Persons encountering health services in circumstances related to reproduction

Z30 Contraceptive management
Z30.0 General counselling and advice on contraception
Family planning advice NOS
Initial prescription of contraceptives
Z30.1 Insertion of (intrauterine) contraceptive device
Z30.2 Sterilization
Admission for interruption of fallopian tubes or vasa deferentia
Z30.3 Menstrual extraction
Interception of pregnancy
Menstrual regulation
Z30.4 Surveillance of contraceptive drugs
Repeat prescription for contraceptive pill or other contraceptive drugs
Routine examination for contraceptive maintenance
Z30.5 Surveillance of (intrauterine) contraceptive device
Checking, reinsertion or removal of (intrauterine) contraceptive device
Z30.8 Other contraceptive management
Postvasectomy sperm count
Z30.9 Contraceptive management, unspecified

Z31 Procreative management
Excludes: complications associated with artificial fertilization ( N98.- )
Z31.0 Tuboplasty or vasoplasty after previous sterilization
Z31.1 Artificial insemination
Z31.2 In vitro fertilization
Admission for harvesting or implantation of ova
Z31.3 Other assisted fertilization methods
Z31.4 Procreative investigation and testing
Fallopian insufflation
Sperm count
Excludes: postvasectomy sperm count ( Z30.8 )
Z31.5 Genetic counselling
Z31.6 General counselling and advice on procreation
Z31.8 Other procreative management
Z31.9 Procreative management, unspecified

Z32 Pregnancy examination and test
Z32.0 Pregnancy, not (yet) confirmed
Z32.1 Pregnancy confirmed

Z33 Pregnant state, incidental
Pregnant state NOS

Z34 Supervision of normal pregnancy
Z34.0 Supervision of normal first pregnancy
Z34.8 Supervision of other normal pregnancy
Z34.9 Supervision of normal pregnancy, unspecified

Z35 Supervision of high-risk pregnancy
Z35.0 Supervision of pregnancy with history of infertility
Z35.1 Supervision of pregnancy with history of abortive outcome
Supervision of pregnancy with history of:
· hydatidiform mole
· vesicular mole
Excludes: habitual aborter:
· care during pregnancy ( O26.2 )
· without current pregnancy ( N96 )
Z35.2 Supervision of pregnancy with other poor reproductive or obstetric history
Supervision of pregnancy with history of:
· conditions classifiable to O10-O92
· neonatal death
· stillbirth
Z35.3 Supervision of pregnancy with history of insufficient antenatal care
· concealed
· hidden
Z35.4 Supervision of pregnancy with grand multiparity
Excludes: multiparity without current pregnancy ( Z64.1 )
Z35.5 Supervision of elderly primigravida
Z35.6 Supervision of very young primigravida
Z35.7 Supervision of high-risk pregnancy due to social problems
Z35.8 Supervision of other high-risk pregnancies
Z35.9 Supervision of high-risk pregnancy, unspecified

Z36 Antenatal screening
Excludes: abnormal findings on antenatal screening of mother ( O28.- )
routine prenatal care ( Z34-Z35 )
Z36.0 Antenatal screening for chromosomal anomalies
Placental sample (taken vaginally)
Z36.1 Antenatal screening for raised alphafetoprotein level
Z36.2 Other antenatal screening based on amniocentesis
Z36.3 Antenatal screening for malformations using ultrasound and other physical methods
Z36.4 Antenatal screening for fetal growth retardation using ultrasound and other physical methods
Z36.5 Antenatal screening for isoimmunization
Z36.8 Other antenatal screening
Screening for haemoglobinopathy
Z36.9 Antenatal screening, unspecified

Z37 Outcome of delivery
Note: This category is intended for use as an additional code to identify the outcome of delivery on the mother's record.
Z37.0 Single live birth
Z37.1 Single stillbirth
Z37.2 Twins, both liveborn
Z37.3 Twins, one liveborn and one stillborn
Z37.4 Twins, both stillborn
Z37.5 Other multiple births, all liveborn
Z37.6 Other multiple births, some liveborn
Z37.7 Other multiple births, all stillborn
Z37.9 Outcome of delivery, unspecified
Multiple birth NOS
Single birth NOS

Z38 Liveborn infants according to place of birth
Z38.0 Singleton, born in hospital
Z38.1 Singleton, born outside hospital
Z38.2 Singleton, unspecified as to place of birth
Liveborn infant NOS
Z38.3 Twin, born in hospital
Z38.4 Twin, born outside hospital
Z38.5 Twin, unspecified as to place of birth
Z38.6 Other multiple, born in hospital
Z38.7 Other multiple, born outside hospital
Z38.8 Other multiple, unspecified as to place of birth

Z39 Postpartum care and examination
Z39.0 Care and examination immediately after delivery
Care and observation in uncomplicated cases
Excludes: care for postpartum complications - see Alphabetical Index
Z39.1 Care and examination of lactating mother
Supervision of lactation
Excludes: disorders of lactation ( O92.- )
Z39.2 Routine postpartum follow-up