Chapter IV

Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases

Other nutritional deficiencies

Excludes: nutritional anaemias ( D50-D53 )

E50 Vitamin A deficiency
Excludes: sequelae of vitamin A deficiency ( E64.1 )
E50.0 Vitamin A deficiency with conjunctival xerosis
E50.1 Vitamin A deficiency with Bitot's spot and conjunctival xerosis
Bitot's spot in the young child
E50.2 Vitamin A deficiency with corneal xerosis
E50.3 Vitamin A deficiency with corneal ulceration and xerosis
E50.4 Vitamin A deficiency with keratomalacia
E50.5 Vitamin A deficiency with night blindness
E50.6 Vitamin A deficiency with xerophthalmic scars of cornea
E50.7 Other ocular manifestations of vitamin A deficiency
Xerophthalmia NOS
E50.8 Other manifestations of vitamin A deficiency
Follicular keratosis
due to vitamin A deficiency+ ( L86 *)
E50.9 Vitamin A deficiency, unspecified
Hypovitaminosis A NOS

E51 Thiamine deficiency
Excludes: sequelae of thiamine deficiency ( E64.8 )
E51.1 Beriberi
· dry
· wet+ ( I98.8* )
E51.2 Wernicke's encephalopathy
E51.8 Other manifestations of thiamine deficiency
E51.9 Thiamine deficiency, unspecified

E52 Niacin deficiency [pellagra]
· niacin(-tryptophan)
· nicotinamide
Pellagra (alcoholic)
Excludes: sequelae of niacin deficiency ( E64.8 )

E53 Deficiency of other B group vitamins
Excludes: sequelae of vitamin B deficiency ( E64.8 )
vitamin B 12 deficiency anaemia ( D51.- )
E53.0 Riboflavin deficiency
E53.1 Pyridoxine deficiency
Vitamin B 6 deficiency
Excludes: pyridoxine-responsive sideroblastic anaemia ( D64.3 )
E53.8 Deficiency of other specified B group vitamins
· biotin
· cyanocobalamin
· folate
· folic acid
· pantothenic acid
· vitamin B 12
E53.9 Vitamin B deficiency, unspecified

E54 Ascorbic acid deficiency
Deficiency of vitamin C
Excludes: scorbutic anaemia ( D53.2 )
sequelae of vitamin C deficiency ( E64.2 )

E55 Vitamin D deficiency
Excludes: adult osteomalacia ( M83.- )
osteoporosis ( M80-M81 )
sequelae of rickets ( E64.3 )
E55.0 Rickets, active
· infantile
· juvenile
Excludes: rickets:
· coeliac ( K90.0 )
· Crohn's ( K50.- )
· inactive ( E64.3 )
· renal ( N25.0 )
· vitamin-D-resistant ( E83.3 )
E55.9 Vitamin D deficiency, unspecified
Avitaminosis D

E56 Other vitamin deficiencies
Excludes: sequelae of other vitamin deficiencies ( E64.8 )
E56.0 Deficiency of vitamin E
E56.1 Deficiency of vitamin K
Excludes: deficiency of coagulation factor due to vitamin K deficiency ( D68.4 )
vitamin K deficiency of newborn ( P53 )
E56.8 Deficiency of other vitamins
E56.9 Vitamin deficiency, unspecified

E58 Dietary calcium deficiency
Excludes: disorder of calcium metabolism ( E83.5 )
sequelae of calcium deficiency ( E64.8 )

E59 Dietary selenium deficiency
Keshan disease
Excludes: sequelae of selenium deficiency ( E64.8 )

E60 Dietary zinc deficiency

E61 Deficiency of other nutrient elements
Use additional external cause code (Chapter XX), if desired, to identify drug, if drug-induced.
Excludes: disorders of mineral metabolism ( E83.- )
iodine-deficiency-related thyroid disorders ( E00-E02 )
sequelae of malnutrition and other nutritional deficiencies ( E64.- )
E61.0 Copper deficiency
E61.1 Iron deficiency
Excludes: iron deficiency anaemia ( D50.- )
E61.2 Magnesium deficiency
E61.3 Manganese deficiency
E61.4 Chromium deficiency
E61.5 Molybdenum deficiency
E61.6 Vanadium deficiency
E61.7 Deficiency of multiple nutrient elements
E61.8 Deficiency of other specified nutrient elements
E61.9 Deficiency of nutrient element, unspecified

E63 Other nutritional deficiencies
Excludes: dehydration ( E86 )
failure to thrive ( R62.8 )
feeding problems in newborn ( P92.- )
sequelae of malnutrition and other nutritional deficiencies ( E64.- )
E63.0 Essential fatty acid [EFA] deficiency
E63.1 Imbalance of constituents of food intake
E63.8 Other specified nutritional deficiencies
E63.9 Nutritional deficiency, unspecified
Nutritional cardiomyopathy NOS+ ( I43.2* )

E64 Sequelae of malnutrition and other nutritional deficiencies
E64.0 Sequelae of protein-energy malnutrition
Excludes: retarded development following protein-energy malnutrition ( E45 )
E64.1 Sequelae of vitamin A deficiency
E64.2 Sequelae of vitamin C deficiency
E64.3 Sequelae of rickets
Use additional code (M40.-), if desired, to identify kyphosis
E64.8 Sequelae of other nutritional deficiencies
E64.9 Sequelae of unspecified nutritional deficiency