Chapter XII

Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue

Urticaria and erythema

Excludes: Lyme disease ( A69.2 )
rosacea ( L71.- )

L50 Urticaria
Excludes: allergic contact dermatitis ( L23.- )
angioneurotic oedema ( T78.3 )
hereditary angio-oedema ( E84.1 )
Quincke's oedema ( T78.3 )
· giant ( T78.3 )
· neonatorum ( P83.8 )
· papulosa ( L28.2 )
· pigmentosa ( Q82.2 )
· serum ( T80.6 )
· solar ( L56.3 )
L50.0 Allergic urticaria
L50.1 Idiopathic urticaria
L50.2 Urticaria due to cold and heat
L50.3 Dermatographic urticaria
L50.4 Vibratory urticaria
L50.5 Cholinergic urticaria
L50.6 Contact urticaria
L50.8 Other urticaria
· chronic
· recurrent periodic
L50.9 Urticaria, unspecified

L51 Erythema multiforme
L51.0 Nonbullous erythema multiforme
L51.1 Bullous erythema multiforme
Stevens-Johnson syndrome
L51.2 Toxic epidermal necrolysis [Lyell]
L51.8 Other erythema multiforme
L51.9 Erythema multiforme, unspecified

L52 Erythema nodosum

L53 Other erythematous conditions
Excludes: erythema:
· ab igne ( L59.0 )
· due to external agents in contact with skin ( L23-L25 )
· intertrigo ( L30.4 )
L53.0 Toxic erythema
Use additional external cause code (Chapter XX), if desired, to identify external agent.
Excludes: neonatal erythema toxicum ( P83.1 )
L53.1 Erythema annulare centrifugum
L53.2 Erythema marginatum
L53.3 Other chronic figurate erythema
L53.8 Other specified erythematous conditions
L53.9 Erythematous condition, unspecified
Erythema NOS
Erythroderma NOS

L54* Erythema in diseases classified elsewhere
L54.0* Erythema marginatum in acute rheumatic fever ( I00+ )
L54.8* Erythema in other diseases classified elsewhere