Chapter XIX

Injury, poisoning and certain other consequences of external causes

Other and unspecified effects of external causes

T66 Unspecified effects of radiation
Radiation sickness
Excludes: specified adverse effects of radiation, such as:
· burns ( T20-T31 )
· leukaemia ( C91-C95 )
· radiation:
  · gastroenteritis and colitis ( K52.0 )
  · pneumonitis ( J70.0 )
  · related disorders of the skin and subcutaneous tissue ( L55-L59 )
· sunburn ( L55.- )

T67 Effects of heat and light
Excludes: burns ( T20-T31 )
erythema [dermatitis] ab igne ( L59.0 )
malignant hyperthermia due to anaesthesia ( T88.3 )
radiation-related disorders of the skin and subcutaneous tissue ( L55-L59 )
sunburn ( L55.- )
sweat disorders due to heat ( L74-L75 )
T67.0 Heatstroke and sunstroke
· apoplexy
· pyrexia
T67.1 Heat syncope
Heat collapse
T67.2 Heat cramp
T67.3 Heat exhaustion, anhydrotic
Heat prostration due to water depletion
Excludes: heat exhaustion due to salt depletion ( T67.4 )
T67.4 Heat exhaustion due to salt depletion
Heat prostration due to salt (and water) depletion
T67.5 Heat exhaustion, unspecified
Heat prostration NOS
T67.6 Heat fatigue, transient
T67.7 Heat oedema
T67.8 Other effects of heat and light
T67.9 Effect of heat and light, unspecified

T68 Hypothermia
Accidental hypothermia
Excludes: frostbite ( T33-T35 )
hypothermia (of):
· following anaesthesia ( T88.5 )
· newborn ( P80.- )
· not associated with low environmental temperature ( R68.0 )

T69 Other effects of reduced temperature
Excludes: frostbite ( T33-T35 )
T69.0 Immersion hand and foot
Trench foot
T69.1 Chilblains
T69.8 Other specified effects of reduced temperature
T69.9 Effect of reduced temperature, unspecified

T70 Effects of air pressure and water pressure
T70.0 Otitic barotrauma
Aero-otitis media
Effects of change in ambient atmospheric pressure or water pressure on ears
T70.1 Sinus barotrauma
Effects of change in ambient atmospheric pressure on sinuses
T70.2 Other and unspecified effects of high altitude
Alpine sickness
Anoxia due to high altitude
Barotrauma NOS
Mountain sickness
Excludes: polycythaemia due to high altitude ( D75.1 )
T70.3 Caisson disease [decompression sickness]
Compressed-air disease
Diver's palsy or paralysis
T70.4 Effects of high-pressure fluids
Traumatic jet injection (industrial)
T70.8 Other effects of air pressure and water pressure
Blast injury syndrome
T70.9 Effect of air pressure and water pressure, unspecified

T71 Asphyxiation
Suffocation (by strangulation)
Systemic oxygen deficiency due to:
· low oxygen content in ambient air
· mechanical threat to breathing
Excludes: anoxia due to high altitude ( T70.2 )
asphyxia from:
· carbon monoxide ( T58 )
· inhalation of food or foreign body ( T17.- )
· other gases, fumes and vapours ( T59.- )
respiratory distress (syndrome) in:
· adult ( J80 )
· newborn ( P22.- )

T73 Effects of other deprivation
T73.0 Effects of hunger
Deprivation of food
T73.1 Effects of thirst
Deprivation of water
T73.2 Exhaustion due to exposure
T73.3 Exhaustion due to excessive exertion
T73.8 Other effects of deprivation
T73.9 Effect of deprivation, unspecified

T74 Maltreatment syndromes
Use additional code, if desired, to identify current injury.
T74.0 Neglect or abandonment
T74.1 Physical abuse
· baby or child syndrome NOS
· spouse syndrome NOS
T74.2 Sexual abuse
T74.3 Psychological abuse
T74.8 Other maltreatment syndromes
Mixed forms
T74.9 Maltreatment syndrome, unspecified
Effects of:
· abuse of adult NOS
· child abuse NOS

T75 Effects of other external causes
Excludes: adverse effects NEC ( T78.- )
burns (electric) ( T20-T31 )
T75.0 Effects of lightning
Shock from lightning
Struck by lightning NOS
T75.1 Drowning and nonfatal submersion
Swimmer's cramp
T75.2 Effects of vibration
Pneumatic hammer syndrome
Traumatic vasospastic syndrome
Vertigo from infrasound
T75.3 Motion sickness
Travel sickness
T75.4 Effects of electric current
Shock from electric current
T75.8 Other specified effects of external causes
Effects of:
· abnormal gravitation [G] forces
· weightlessness

T78 Adverse effects, not elsewhere classified
Note: This category is to be used as the primary code to identify the effects, not elsewhere classifiable, of unknown, undetermined or ill-defined causes. For multiple coding purposes this category may be used as an additional code to identify the effects of conditions classified elsewhere.
Excludes: complications of surgical and medical care NEC ( T80-T88 )
T78.0 Anaphylactic shock due to adverse food reaction
T78.1 Other adverse food reactions, not elsewhere classified
Excludes: bacterial foodborne intoxications ( A05.- )
dermatitis due to food ( L27.2 )
· in contact with the skin ( L23.6 , L24.6 , L25.4 )
T78.2 Anaphylactic shock, unspecified
Allergic shock
Anaphylactic reaction
Excludes: anaphylactic shock due to:
· adverse effect of correct medicinal substance properly administered ( T88.6 )
· adverse food reaction ( T78.0 )
· serum ( T80.5 )
T78.3 Angioneurotic oedema
Giant urticaria
Quincke's oedema
Excludes: urticaria ( L50.- )
· serum ( T80.6 )
T78.4 Allergy, unspecified
Allergic reaction NOS
Hypersensitivity NOS
Idiosyncracy NOS
Excludes: allergic reaction NOS to correct medicinal substance properly administered ( T88.7 )
specified types of allergic reaction such as:
· allergic gastroenteritis and colitis ( K52.2 )
· dermatitis ( L23-L25 , L27.- )
· hay fever ( J30.1 )
T78.8 Other adverse effects, not elsewhere classified
T78.9 Adverse effect, unspecified
Excludes: adverse effect of surgical and medical care NOS ( T88.9 )