Chapter XVIII

Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings, not elsewhere classified

Symptoms and signs involving the skin and subcutaneous tissue

R20 Disturbances of skin sensation
Excludes: dissociative anaesthesia and sensory loss ( F44.6 )
psychogenic disturbances ( F45.8 )
R20.0 Anaesthesia of skin
R20.1 Hypoaesthesia of skin
R20.2 Paraesthesia of skin
Pins and needles
Tingling skin
Excludes: acroparaesthesia ( I73.8 )
R20.3 Hyperaesthesia
R20.8 Other and unspecified disturbances of skin sensation

R21 Rash and other nonspecific skin eruption

R22 Localized swelling, mass and lump of skin and subcutaneous tissue
Includes: subcutaneous nodules (localized)(superficial)
Excludes: abnormal findings on diagnostic imaging ( R90-R93 )
enlarged lymph nodes ( R59.- )
localized adiposity ( E65 )
mass and lump:
· breast ( N63 )
· intra-abdominal or pelvic ( R19.0 )
oedema ( R60.- )
swelling (of):
· intra-abdominal or pelvic ( R19.0 )
· joint ( M25.4 )
R22.0 Localized swelling, mass and lump, head
R22.1 Localized swelling, mass and lump, neck
R22.2 Localized swelling, mass and lump, trunk
R22.3 Localized swelling, mass and lump, upper limb
R22.4 Localized swelling, mass and lump, lower limb
R22.7 Localized swelling, mass and lump, multiple sites
R22.9 Localized swelling, mass and lump, unspecified

R23 Other skin changes
R23.0 Cyanosis
Excludes: acrocyanosis ( I73.8 )
cyanotic attacks of newborn ( P28.2 )
R23.1 Pallor
Clammy skin
R23.2 Flushing
Excessive blushing
Excludes: menopausal and female climacteric states ( N95.1 )
R23.3 Spontaneous ecchymoses
Excludes: ecchymoses in fetus and newborn ( P54.5 )
purpura ( D69.- )
R23.4 Changes in skin texture
of skin
Excludes: epidermal thickening NOS ( L85.9 )
R23.8 Other and unspecified skin changes