Chapter XXI

Factors influencing health status and contact with health services

Persons encountering health services in other circumstances

Z70 Counselling related to sexual attitude, behaviour and orientation
Excludes: contraceptive or procreative counselling ( Z30-Z31 )
Z70.0 Counselling related to sexual attitude
Person concerned regarding embarrassment, timidity or other negative response to sexual matters
Z70.1 Counselling related to patient's sexual behaviour and orientation
Patient concerned regarding:
· impotence
· non-responsiveness
· promiscuity
· sexual orientation
Z70.2 Counselling related to sexual behaviour and orientation of third party
Advice sought regarding sexual behaviour and orientation of:
· child
· partner
· spouse
Z70.3 Counselling related to combined concerns regarding sexual attitude, behaviour and orientation
Z70.8 Other sex counselling
Sex education
Z70.9 Sex counselling, unspecified

Z71 Persons encountering health services for other counselling and medical advice, not elsewhere classified
Excludes: contraceptive or procreation counselling ( Z30-Z31 )
sex counselling ( Z70.- )
Z71.0 Person consulting on behalf of another person
Advice or treatment for non-attending third party
Excludes: anxiety (normal) about sick person in family ( Z63.7 )
Z71.1 Person with feared complaint in whom no diagnosis is made
Feared condition not demonstrated
Problem was normal state
"Worried well"
Excludes: medical observation and evaluation for suspected diseases and conditions ( Z03.- )
Z71.2 Person consulting for explanation of investigation findings
Z71.3 Dietary counselling and surveillance
Dietary counselling and surveillance (for):
· colitis
· diabetes mellitus
· food allergies or intolerance
· gastritis
· hypercholesterolaemia
· obesity
Z71.4 Alcohol abuse counselling and surveillance
Excludes: alcohol rehabilitation procedures ( Z50.2 )
Z71.5 Drug abuse counselling and surveillance
Excludes: drug rehabilitation procedures ( Z50.3 )
Z71.6 Tobacco abuse counselling
Excludes: tobacco rehabilitation procedures ( Z50.8 )
Z71.7 Human immunodeficiency virus [HIV] counselling
Z71.8 Other specified counselling
Consanguinity counselling
Z71.9 Counselling, unspecified
Medical advice NOS

Z72 Problems related to lifestyle
Excludes: problems related to:
· life-management difficulty ( Z73.- )
· socioeconomic and psychosocial circumstances ( Z55-Z65 )
Z72.0 Tobacco use
Excludes: tobacco dependence ( F17.2 )
Z72.1 Alcohol use
Excludes: alcohol dependence ( F10.2 )
Z72.2 Drug use
Excludes: abuse of non-dependence-producing substances ( F55 )
drug dependence ( F11-F16 , F19 with common fourth character .2)
Z72.3 Lack of physical exercise
Z72.4 Inappropriate diet and eating habits
Excludes: behavioural eating disorders of infancy or childhood ( F98.2-F98.3 )
eating disorders ( F50.- )
lack of adequate food ( Z59.4 )
malnutrition and other nutritional deficiencies ( E40-E64 )
Z72.5 High-risk sexual behaviour
Z72.6 Gambling and betting
Excludes: compulsive or pathological gambling ( F63.0 )
Z72.8 Other problems related to lifestyle
Self-damaging behaviour
Z72.9 Problem related to lifestyle, unspecified

Z73 Problems related to life-management difficulty
Excludes: problems related to socioeconomic and psychosocial circumstances ( Z55-Z65 )
Z73.0 Burn-out
State of vital exhaustion
Z73.1 Accentuation of personality traits
Type A behaviour pattern (characterized by unbridled ambition, a need for high achievement, impatience, competitiveness, and a sense of urgency)
Z73.2 Lack of relaxation and leisure
Z73.3 Stress, not elsewhere classified
Physical and mental strain NOS
Excludes: related to employment or unemployment ( Z56.- )
Z73.4 Inadequate social skills, not elsewhere classified
Z73.5 Social role conflict, not elsewhere classified
Z73.6 Limitation of activities due to disability
Excludes: care-provider dependency ( Z74.- )
Z73.8 Other problems related to life-management difficulty
Z73.9 Problem related to life-management difficulty, unspecified

Z74 Problems related to care-provider dependency
Excludes: dependence on enabling machines or devices NEC ( Z99.- )
Z74.0 Reduced mobility
Z74.1 Need for assistance with personal care
Z74.2 Need for assistance at home and no other household member able to render care
Z74.3 Need for continuous supervision
Z74.8 Other problems related to care-provider dependency
Z74.9 Problem related to care-provider dependency, unspecified

Z75 Problems related to medical facilities and other health care
Z75.0 Medical services not available in home
Excludes: no other household member able to render care ( Z74.2 )
Z75.1 Person awaiting admission to adequate facility elsewhere
Z75.2 Other waiting period for investigation and treatment
Z75.3 Unavailability and inaccessibility of health-care facilities
Excludes: bed unavailable ( Z75.1 )
Z75.4 Unavailability and inaccessibility of other helping agencies
Z75.5 Holiday relief care
Provision of health-care facilities to a person normally cared for at home, in order to enable relatives to take a vacation.
Respite care
Z75.8 Other problems related to medical facilities and other health care
Z75.9 Unspecified problem related to medical facilities and other health care

Z76 Persons encountering health services in other circumstances
Z76.0 Issue of repeat prescription
Issue of repeat prescription for:
· appliance
· medicaments
· spectacles
Excludes: issue of medical certificate ( Z02.7 )
repeat prescription for contraceptive ( Z30.4 )
Z76.1 Health supervision and care of foundling
Z76.2 Health supervision and care of other healthy infant and child
Medical or nursing care or supervision of healthy infant under circumstances such as:
· adverse socioeconomic conditions at home
· awaiting foster or adoptive placement
· maternal illness
· number of children at home preventing or interfering with normal care
Z76.3 Healthy person accompanying sick person
Z76.4 Other boarder in health-care facility
Excludes: homelessness ( Z59.0 )
Z76.5 Malingerer [conscious simulation]
Person feigning illness (with obvious motivation)
Excludes: factitious disorder ( F68.1 )
peregrinating patient ( F68.1 )
Z76.8 Persons encountering health services in other specified circumstances
Z76.9 Person encountering health services in unspecified circumstances